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The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction
isbn: 978-189694439-5
DragonMoon Press! August 2007

The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction is a comprehensive writer's guide for the amateur to semi-pro writer.

This is a reference guide that no aspiring science fiction writer should be without.
Includes Kim's chapters on worldbuilding and science fiction sub-genres.


A Firestorm of Dragons
isbn: 978-1-896944-80-7
Dragon Moon Press. August 2008
Edited by Michele Acker and Kirk Dougal

So you want to know about dragons? Read this new collection of short stories revolving around dragons!

Run the gamut of stories about the mythological beasts in a “Firestorm of Dragons.” Humorous tales of extreme sports with genetically engineered animals and pesky door-to-door salesmen with scales exist beside conventional stories of treasure and deceit, hunter and hunted, hatred and sacrifice.

See how dragons exist today without most humans noticing or abandon all preconceived notions and imagine a dragon as a 1940’s-style detective.

Let your experience with dragons end with a trio of stories depicting possible ends to dragonkind – one uplifting, one poignant, and one heart-wrenching in its melancholy.

Contains Kim's story, DragonFruit.


Death Masks by Kim Richards
isbn: 978-0-980-4739-4-0
Eternal Press April 2008

Computer geek Bill Cristo finds himself on the trail of a serial murderer when he takes up jogging at the local metro park. First serendipity and then curiosity prod him to begin an unofficial investigation. Who is murdering young men in this park? Is it the loony old guy who hangs out at the old cemetery or the creepy park ranger? Bill's investigative skills bring him to the attention of this killer, and the people near him become targets, including his live-in girlfriend, Dixie. To confront this killer before it gets to her, Bill faces his own meekness and fear- but not before becoming a suspect himself.



The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy
isbn: 1-896944-09-4
Dragon Moon Press. 2003

Whether you are a beginning writer or a seasoned, author, The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy should be part of your reference library. The invaluable advice, and usable references, will make you a better writer.

Kim co-wrote the chapter on medieval clothing.

  Surreal Magazine Issue #4 February 2005
Includes Kim's short story, Beauty Is, about a door to door cosmetics saleswoman who rings the doorbell of a zombie.

Aiko by Kim Bundy
isbn: 0-9706654-0-7
Sprite Press November 2000

Children's story retelling the Japanese crane legend. 3-4th grade reader. Comes with instructions on how to make an origami crane in the back.


The Death of Jabari by Kim Bundy
ISBN: 0-595-166024-7
Writer's Club Press December 2000
Science Fiction

How far would you go to save your world?